True handmade quality means no two pieces are alike.

Maserung des Holzes

No two people are identical. No two trees are identical. And so, of course, no two pieces of timber are identical. Every single one of our products is a unique piece lovingly carved by hand.

Every tree has a unique growth pattern and an individual character. Trees develop their own personality throughout their growing years. Every branch and crack is a metaphor for the important moments in our own lives. Temporary headstones made from wood reflect the very special people they remember, each as individual as the tree it came from. 

We work solely with German craftspeople that we know to be honest, trustworthy, and passionate about what they do. Our products are hand-made, and are guaranteed to be unique and unforgettable. Our partners are experts in their field and extremely conscientious workers, helping us to meet the highest quality standards. 

A face full of wrinkles is a face full of personality, shaped by years of facial expressions and experience. We believe that imperfections in the wood used for our headstones are nature’s signature, just as poignant and unforgettable as each individual smile line on a loved one’s face.