adieu is a conscientious company from Wilhelmshaven in Germany. The adieu team is committed to providing a valuable contribution to the development of an inclusive mourning culture. We have created a new, helpful service that gives those mourning a loved one the option of ordering and personalizing temporary wooden headstones online. We have optimized our processes so that, if necessary, we can begin to manufacture your item immediately and send it with an express package service. We believe that digitalization is the key to offering support and strength to mourners in their time of need. 

Our society is changing – it is more diverse than ever before, and now offers many alternative lifestyle options. But some institutions, such as the funeral industry, have not caught up. In order to meet these new challenges, we have to treat the diverse belief systems represented in modern society equally.

Integration must take place both during life and after death. Everyone must have access to the funeral they want and deserve – that’s the only way to ensure they are truly part of the community. This idea is the driving force behind adieu.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their culture, religion, or place of origin, can be remembered with an individual and suitable memorial that reflects their own unique personality. Loved ones should feel comfortable visiting a person’s final resting place, and a headstone should help them to grieve. We have spent a great deal of time researching the rituals and customs associated with mourning in a variety of cultures, and have developed a service that is accessible to all people while also taking individual needs into account.

It is important to us that we treat everyone equally, without favor or discrimination. We want to ensure that our service is uncomplicated, saves time, and is accessible to everyone. If our offer does not meet your needs, we would like to take a moment to apologize. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us now how we can help.